Thursday, 20 December 2007

View towards the front door. The little cupboard on the left holds the electricity metre. Big cupboard for a small meter :) The door will hopefully be sunk into the wall and painted to match the walls.

This will be replacing the front door after it has been painted in a glossy pastel greyish colour and the glass has been replaced by safety milk glass.

This is the front room (4m x 4m) which will 'probably' become the living room. Although it's
north facing the large windows (2,1m wide) keep it fairly light, fireplace will be staying, lovely wooden chandelier will definetly be going! The fireplace used to house an oil fire.

The front room leads back into the hall and then into this room which will be the dining room (4m x 3.5m). The full-on tiling around the room makes me wonder if previous owner wasn't a butcher/deli owner! the walls either side of the fireplace will be knocked through into the next room which will be the kitchen. The chimney breast will stay in place for the woodburner.

This old kitchen (4m x 2.3m) will be...surprise...the kitchen! The window has to be raised slightly to make room for the work top and with the walls being knocked through to the dining room there should be plenty of room for lots and lots of cupboards ;)

The smallest room in the house, downstairs wc. Whats not to obvious on the pic is the notch carved out of the door in the shape of the lid, otherwise you can't get the door open!

This odd room (3.6m x 3.1m) is the single story building with the pitched roof seen at the back of the house. It was the only bathroom. This room will probably be the utility/laundry/dogs room.

Our great big bedroom (5.8m x 4m)

hmm must buy some more clothes for all those wardrobes...

Guest bedroom (3.5m x 3.5m) not much to be seen on this pic...

Future bathroom (4m x 2,26m) There was a sink which we have already removed ... window should probably be frosted as well!



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