Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Knock on wood...

We found 4 solid wood oldish doors for sale on the internet for...15euros each!! I am currently stripping them but we will probably re-paint them white.

(yes I know the pic is upside down!)


ChichiBoulie said...

Where did you find them! We need 2 old (and rather tall) doors desperately!

Claire said...

hi chichi!
We were lucky and found half of them on a site I don't know whether that also exists in France? It runs in Holland as well. The other half of the doors I saw coincidently on someone elses blog who lives in the same village and where renovating their house in a very modern style and I was able to buy them from here. Just a right place at the right time thing! Really hope you are able to find the doors you need too :)


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