Thursday, 7 August 2008

Knobs & Knockers...

When we were in the UK we visited DIY giant B & Q They have a huge range of just about everything from bathroom suites, paint, power tools, gardening equipment, kitchen sinks and more. Their site also has some valuable information and a 'knowledge centre' about topics such as installing an electric shower, replacing old plumbing or putting together a garden shed. Also on the site is an interactive kitchen planner, radiator BTU calculator, online brochures, at home reservation of products, online shopping and a function to book an appointment with a consultant to assist with planning a kitchen/bathroom.
Our mission was to choose some interior doorhandles. Most of the door handles I had seen in Belgium also had keyholes, which I didn't want and I hadn't really seen anything that I liked. In B & Q they had a large selection of handles fairly competitively priced but they also had knobs which we hadn't really thought about. The price difference was minimal which made it even harder as there was no compelling reason to choose one over the other, but we eventually settled on the knobs after being reminded how many shirt sleeves had been torn, and bruises gained by catching our arms behind door handles. Our eye fell on these solid brass, brushed nickel finished knobs. They're mortice locks whatever that means. We needed 7 but they only had 5 in-store so would need to be ordered, enter Roy & Gill to the rescue who are going to order them and keep them until they either come here or we go there. Thanks guys!

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